Trunk Mats For Car, Truck & SUV Luxus Car Mats Custom All-Weather Waterproof Diamond Auto Boot Liner Carpets Rugs Brown

Trunk Mats For Car, Truck & SUV Luxus Car Mats Custom All-Weather  Waterproof Diamond Auto Boot Liner Carpets Rugs Brown

Indulge in custom-fit luxury with Trunk Mats For Car, Truck & SUV Luxus Car Mats Custom All-Weather Waterproof Diamond Auto Boot Liner Carpets Rugs Brown Stitching - precision measured with laser technology for premium quality and unmatched coverage You've spent a lot of time and money on your car, so why not give it the luxury treatment with our 3D Luxury Leather Boot/Trunk Mat? This custom-fit 3D Full Coverage Trunk Mat is designed to fit perfectly in your vehicle's boot or trunk, thanks to advanced laser measuring devices. Made from the finest quality eco-leather, this premium material provides durability that will withstand wear and tear while upgrading your trunk to a high-end look and feel. Our 3D Full Coverage Trunk Mat adds an air of sophistication to your car’s trunk without breaking the bank. With its elegant soft touch diamond stitching base, it's clear you take pride in even the smallest details when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. Upgrade your car today with Luxus Car Mats™- 3D Full Coverage Trunk Mat! CUSTOM-MADE 3D FULL COVERAGE TRUNK MAT: GOODBYE TO WEAR AND TEAR, DIRT, PET FUR, AND ACCIDENTAL SPILLS Traveling, moving, visiting the veterinarian, these are all situations that could lead you to transport your dog. To secure your vehicle and comfort your "companion", you need a 3D Full Coverage Trunk Mat. Made from non-slip high-quality synthetic leather material, our trunk mats are a guaranteed way to provide maximum comfort and happiness for your puppy without compromising on the protection of your trunk. Housed in a luxurious & comfortable environment, your dog will enjoy the unique benefits that only you can provide: comfort, stability, protection, reduced risk of slipping, etc. Not to mention; pet fur never gets stuck to the trunk mat, unlike traditional rough fabric mats which catch pet fur like a magnet. Luxus Car Mats™ 3D Full Coverage Trunk Mat is undoubtedly the ideal answer to your needs. TRUNK MATS WITH IMPECCABLE FINISHINGS Available in our signature diamond stitching, our 3D Full Coverage Luxury Trunk Mats will dress up your trunk and add a nice touch of luxury without compromising on protection. WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN What makes cleaning so easy? No vacuuming is needed! Easy care, wipe with a wet towel or hose off with water and wipe it off with a dry towel. Waterproof protection: breathe fresh air and protect the interior of your car thanks to the polyurethane that prevents the intrusion of water, dust, humidity, and wind. High-Quality Eco-Leather: Thoroughly tested in the harshest weather conditions with various liquids and found to be up to 5x stronger than cheap standard fabric mats all while providing an unmatched soft touch experience PRECISION-CUT FOR SUPERIOR COMPATIBILITY Precision and perfect fit: cut with precision and expertise to fit the exact dimensions of your vehicle's trunk thus not interfering with areas like LED lights, nets, rear seat folding buttons, handles, and power outlets. MAXIMUM REAR SEAT BACK PROTECTION EVEN WHEN FOLDED This protection combines with the elegant stitching and precision cutting of our 3D Full Coverage Luxury Trunk Mats to give a unique and personalized style, a luxurious (and therefore premium) appearance, and a finish that perfectly matches the contours and completeness of your trunk: floor, fenders, and rear seat backs. Note that the rear seat backs are covered independently, allowing them to be folded individually. QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION & CLEANING Thanks to the high-quality velcro supplied; the installation of your 3D Full Coverage Luxury Trunk Mat is quick and easy; no special tools or skills are required. Are you allergic to annoying stains? Don't worry about spending time and energy cleaning your trunk liner. With a simple damp sponge, our mats are easily cleaned and quickly regain their original shine. MAIN FEATURES: Easy to wipe clean Compatible with 3 seater vehicles (does not interfere with folding of 3rd-row seats) Pet-friendly (say bye to pet fur stuck on your cargo's carpet; all it'll take to get rid of it with our soft touch eco-leather material is a wet microfiber towel) 95% cargo coverage including the sidewalls and back of the back seats 100% waterproof, scratch-proof & stain-resistant Fits like a glove: we utilize accurate manufacturer measurements to guarantee perfect coverage with our state-of-the-art 3D laser computer cutting machine. Special base treatment for an uncompromising grip Raised edges to trap liquids, dirt, and dust WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE: 1x base trunk mat adapted to the floor of the trunk 2x individual mats for the sidewalls 2 to 3x individual mats (depending on the car model) adapted to the backs of the rear seats Velcro (or scratch) and clips for fixing
Wir stellen unsere neue 3D-Luxus-Leder-Stiefel-/Kofferraummatte vor Unsere 3D-Luxus-Leder-Kofferraum-/Kofferraummatte bietet einen umfassenden 3D-Schutz und verbessert das Erscheinungsbild Ihres Gepäckraums erheblich, wodurch er einzigartig und luxuriös wird. Jeder 3D-Luxus-Lederstiefel/Kofferraum ist 100 % maßgefertigt und wird auf Bestellung für Ihr genaues Fahrzeug hergestellt, indem ein fortschrittliches Lasermessgerät verwendet wird, das jeden Winkel Ihres Fahrzeugbodens erfasst, um ein 100 % genaues 3D-Modell Ihres Fahrzeugs nachzubilden Fahrzeuginnenmaße. IHR STIEFEL VERDIENT DIE GLEICHE LUXUSBEHANDLUNG Erschwinglicher Luxus: Schützen Sie 99 % Ihres Teppichs im Innenraum und verleihen Sie Ihrem Auto zu einem günstigen Preis einen überlegenen Luxus-Look, wodurch sich Ihr Wiederverkaufspreis erhöht.Öko-Leder: unter den härtesten klimatischen Bedingungen mit verschiedenen Schuhen streng getestet und für bis zu 5x stärker befunden als billige Standard-Stoffmatten.Premium-Material: Schützen Sie den Innenraum Ihres Autos, indem Sie verhindern, dass Flüssigkeiten in Ihre Teppiche eindringen. Dies ist die Hauptursache für über 55 % der Rostprobleme bei Autos.Preisgekrönte Architektur: Der dicke 3D-Stil reduziert die Geräusche im Innenraum um bis zu 40 %, die in der Regel durch schlecht isolierte Standardgewebematten verursacht werden. HAUPTFUNKTIONEN: Leicht zu reinigen. Höchste Abdeckung: Wir verwenden genaue Herstellermessungen, um eine perfekte Abdeckung mit unserer hochmodernen 3D-Laser-Computerschneidemaschine zu garantieren. Wasserdicht, kratzfest und schmutzabweisend. Spezielle Basisbehandlung für einen kompromisslosen Halt. Erhöhte Kanten zum Auffangen von Flüssigkeiten, Schmutz und Staub. AUCH AUF ZU SEHEN

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