T5 LED Replacement Bulb (4 Pack)

T5 LED Replacement Bulb (4 Pack)

Give your old T5 Fluorescent light fixture new life by converting it to LED! These bulbs effortlessly swap into any 4 foot long T5 Fluorescent light

4ft t5 High Output LED Tube Light - G5 Bipin

This 22-Watt LED Light Tube with higher lumen is a versatile and reliable lighting option for any indoor space. This LED light tube is designed with a 4-foot ballast bypass tube with DLC certification and can be powered by both single-end and double-end inputs. It is made of durable aluminum and PC materials. This LED light tube has an IP40 rating, can operate in temperatures ranging from -20~55.

Viribright Lighting 18-Watt 4-ft T8 LED Ballast Bypass 5000K (10-Pack)

Pack of 2) F6T5 6W T5 9 F6T5 Light Bulb White Fluorescent Light Bulb 12,000HR - Bluex Bulbs

Linear T5 LED Tubes

25 pack - Sunlite 88421-SU 25W T5 Cool White LED Light Bulb

4-100/pack Dimmable LED Tube Light 4ft 1.2m 24W T5 Integrated Bulb Lamp Fixture

Please Remove Ballast before Installation: Kihung 4ft led ballast bypass bulbs are type B LED light tube and should only be used with dual-ended

Kihung T8 LED Bulbs 4 Foot Type B Dual-Ended Power, Compatible with T8 T10 T12 Tubes, Remove Ballast, G13 Base, 24W 3120LM 6000K Daylight White, 4ft

Upgrade your commercial lighting system with Viribright's 24W T5 4ft. Ballast Bypass LED Bulb Tube. Available in a 25-pack for bulk installation, this

24W T5 4ft. Ballast Bypass 3200 Lumens LED Bulb Tube (25-Pack)

Luxrite Universal T5 LED Tube Lights - Replace your out-dated fluorescent tube lights with a T5 light bulb which features a quick plug and play feature that works with your existing electrical ballast (check ballast compatibility list) or ballast bypass set up in either a single-end or double-end install.

Luxrite LR34156-4PK T5 LED Tube Light Bulbs 24W 54W Equivalent 3000LM

Philips 54W Equivalent 46 in. High Output Linear T5 Type A InstantFit Daylight LED Tube Light Bulb (5000K) (1-Pack) 473520 - The Home Depot

CENTRIC DAYLIGHT™ 95 CRI T5 LED Linear Light Fixture – Waveform Lighting

4 ft. 32W (54W Replacement) Selectable White G5 Base Direct Replacemen

The 3W Newhouse Lighting T5 Base Bulb is the perfect substitute for an old halogen T5 bulb. The T5 LED light bulb has a low-heat feature what will keep it cool during long working hours, unlike halogens which tend to get extremely hot. This smart alternative to halogen bulbs uses up to 80% less energy than Halogen bulbs- and uses only 3-Watts of power to emit the same amount of light.

Newhouse Lighting T5-3018-4 LED Bulb, 3W (18w Equivalent) T5 Halogen Replacement Lights, 280 Lumens, 12V, 3000K, White, 4-Pack

28w Led Tube Light Bulb 4ft, 3360 Lumens, Cold White 6000K, Ballast Bypass Required, Bypass T8

4 Pack F14T5/835 14W 22 Inch T5 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb 3500K Warm White Min